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For Ravens offense, true test will come after First Quarter

The offense can put together decent opening drives. On Sunday, they will need a lot more then a few decent possessions.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

For the Ravens offense, the common denominator between the Giants, Jets and Redskins games can be found in their somewhat fast starts.

It is known that NFL offenses script their first 15 plays. In the past three games, the Ravens offense has not had issues on their first drives, moving the ball with pace and effectiveness.

Against the Steelers, the test will come after the script has unfolded. The fourth quarter of Jets game was played almost entirely with the Ravens down by one possession. The Jets could have punted on every first down and the Ravens would not have tied the game.

The Steelers blitz packages are not as exotic as either New York teams. This will give the Ravens offense a chance to produce off-script, as coverages are likely to be more predictable.

To create off-script, the Ravens would be better served running their offense from a “muddle huddle”, quickening their pace. The Steelers defense will give up yards. It is up to the offense to take what is given and stay consistent throughout the game.