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ICYMI: Ravens K Justin Tucker wants to add new wrinkle to special teams

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday’s performance on special teams against the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker proposed an interesting idea: Add one point on kickoffs if the kicker is able to kick the ball through the uprights.

This proposal sounds good for the Ravens and Ravens’ fans due to the fact that Tucker is the best at his position right now. You really can’t get any more automatic than Tucker at this point. However, other teams around the league are probably not going to be on board with this as many have kickers who are nowhere near as good as Tucker.

One valid argument that was made against this was by ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley who said that the move wouldn’t be competitive due to the fact that the defense can’t attack the ball. And let’s say the defense could react to the ball under Tucker’s proposal. Under this scenario, the special teams kickoff return unit is going to have to make a decision to prepare to field a kickoff return or block the kick.

It’s nice to think about, but it won’t happen anytime soon.