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Pass rushing prospect preview: Carl Lawson

A perfect fit for the Baltimore Ravens

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's Carl Lawson has been on the brink of a breakout season since his freshman year. Injuries have delayed his ascendency. He is here now.

What he does best:

Lawson is the prototypical 3-4 pass rusher. At 6’2” 250, his arm are shorter than the norm but he is adept at using his hands. In any case, arm length is somewhat of an overrated trait amongst pass rushers, as one arm will always reach further than two. Lawson possesses a good get off but his violent hands are what sets him apart. Even if offensive tackles reach him first, his hands are violent enough to get tackles off-balance. His bout with Laremy Tunsil showcases this strength. Tunsil went on to crown him as the best pass rusher he'd faced.

Where he needs to improve:

Lawson generally sets a good edge. However, he can get overly eager and try to dip inside tackles hunting for tackles for loss. In the NFL, indiscipline will get you pancaked. This is not a decisive fault. However, to become a consistent three-down OLB and thus maximize his pass rush opportunities, Lawson will have to learn to remain calm and trust his technique.

Fit with the Ravens:

Lawson presents exactly what the Ravens need. He would provide an understudy to Terrell Suggs while having the potential to post 6-10 sacks as a rookie.

Where to watch him:

This Saturday. At Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Though Lawson predominantly lines up on the right side, the snaps he sees against the Tide’s big left tackle Cam Robinson will be must-see TV.