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Ray Lewis apologizes for Flacco comments

It's been several days since former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis called out quarterback Joe Flacco for supposedly not having passion for what he does.

Since then, the Ravens have dropped a game to the Dallas Cowboys despite the locker room rallying around Flacco. In the days leading up to the game, Lewis’ twitter account put out a few cryptic posts, both about the passion of Steve Smith Sr. and a call for Terrell Suggs to rally his troops.

Whether these were intentional shots at Flacco were unclear at first, but a recently posted video by Lewis seems to clarify that a bit.

Judging by what we see here, it is pretty obvious that the comments made by Lewis on FS1’s “Speak for Yourself” have weighed heavily on the future hall-of-famer’s mind.

It was interesting to see him admit to doing something that many a fan and media member are often guilty of: blaming a struggling team’s quarterback for whatever predicament the team finds itself in.

He also makes a very good point about how the 2012 Super Bowl victory was very much a team effort. It wouldn't have been won without Flacco’s historic efforts, but there were also several other players whom contributed along the way.

With Lewis making conciliatory remarks, all should be forgiven to the former Raven in my opinion. He was wrong to call out Flacco for a lack of passion, but to be fair, are you even really a Baltimore fan if you haven't been frustrated by Flacco at times over the years?

Not all of the offense’s 2016 struggle are on him, but he could certainly play better than he has up to this point. In fact, he’ll need to if the Ravens are to stay competitive in what will be a critical six game stretch run to determine the AFC North championship.

Here’s hoping he’s able to do so.