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Ravens rejuvenated as Ronnie Stanley and Marshal Yanda return to practice

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The bye week has already paid dividends with reports of positive health news returning to the practice field. Ronnie Stanley and Marshal Yanda are back!

This news is bigger than whether or not Baltimore will face Ben Roethlisberger in my opinion. The starting front five can really control the outcome on Sunday. We all know the battle in the trenches is valuable in a game against the Steelers; the physical embodiment of grit and toughness.

With Ronnie Stanley back in the mix this pushes James Hurst and Alex Lewis from their attempts to stop pass rushers. With Yanda back expect Terrance West and Kenneth Dixon to really get going. It will also help knowing Baltimore can run the ball both ways now, with the left side now back up to 100%.

As for getting the offense going, Yanda said it’s on them.