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It’s all about matchups: Ravens vs. Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This Sunday is a bigger matchup than most realize. The number one ranked team in the nation will play a homestand against the Ravens, a team they’ve never beat in franchise history. This game won’t be easy.

The matchups this week tell of a possible collapse on the Cowboys side. It won’t be easy, not even a little bit, but Baltimore is well equipped to handle Dallas.


Ravens D-line vs. Cowboys O-line

Both impermeable, yet, one will have to give. The #1 rush defense or #1 rush offense? Dallas has faced some good defenses, but can Dak & Zeke find any room against Baltimore’s front line? No doubt both have proven themselves as best in the league.

Jimmy Smith vs. Dez Bryant

The Ravens #1 cornerback has been firing on all cylinders this season, allowing minimal yards to every receiver across the line of scrimmage. I expect Dez to be no different. Jimmy will shadow on most plays, and when he isn’t expect Webb and Young to both be bracket covering. The Ravens won’t allow explosive plays.

C.J. Mosley vs. Ezekiel Elliott

A star linebacker with a knack for downhill playmaking against a brilliant tailback capable of lowering the boom and cutting on a dime. This will be a fun one. Watching C.J. diagnose a play and reacting will be exciting. On the other end, Zeke may need to find a few different running lanes than his normal methods. A gap may look open, but Mosley’s closing speed will make you think twice.

Eric Weddle vs. Dak Prescott

This one will be a chess match. Eric Weddle has baited players into throws and also punished receivers for considering his zone a safe place. Dak has played wise beyond a rookies years. Don’t expect Weddle to win on veteran experience alone, Dak isn’t some chump.

Zachary Orr vs. Jason Witten

Oh, he’s too old to still produce? Tell that to Eagles, Giants and Redskins fans. He will somehow still be open on a 3rd & 8 due to his perfect route-running and knowledge of the game. Orr is a playmaker, but this will be another fun one. The young gun vs. the insurance policy.

Like I was saying, this game could be the best of the week. Two tried and true squads with weapons to punish the opposition will go head-to-head in less than a week. This will be a fun one!