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Ravens D-line or Cowboys O-line? Which will prevail?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

All season we’ve witnessed rookie tailback Ezekiel Elliott blow through gaps and produce league leading rushing yards. This Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens hope to contain him. Easier said than done, but the Ravens defense isn’t all-talk.

While the Cowboys have the big men on their front, the Ravens have the same. Between Timmy Jernigan, Lawrence Guy and of course Brandon Williams, the Cowboys front line will have their work cut out for them.

Dallas Offense:

Points Per Game: 28.7 (4th)
Yards Per Game: 412.7 (3rd)
Pass Yards Per Game: 251.7 (17th)
Rush Yards Per Game: 161.0 (1st)

Ravens Defense:

Points Per Game Allowed: 17.8 (3rd)
Yards Allowed Per Game: 281.6 (1st)
Pass Yards Allowed Per Game: 210.2 (5th)
Rush Yards Allowed Per Game: 71.3 (1st)

Yeah, that’s right. The heavyweight title match is Sunday. Baltimore is the number one ranked run stuffer and the Cowboys have been marching down the field. One of these will give, and it’s hard to imagine either folding. Baltimore bullied Le’Veon Bell Week 9, and I don’t see them doing anything different against Zeke, but let’s not act like the Cowboys front line is just like the Steelers. These men are big, strong, fast and technically proficient. This game could very well be game of the week, if not the season. A true battle is unfolding.