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Baltimore Ravens ranked top half in power rankings

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Today is Power Rankings day! After their ugly stretch of losses the Ravens are back in business. Averaging out eight rankings the Ravens are 14th in the league. Some have the Ravens low as 20, while others keep the scale balanced at 12. The Ravens are in the end cruising at 14.4.

Rankings from other sites:

Washington Post: 14
SB Nation: 12
Yahoo!: 20
Bleacher/report: 15
CBS: 12
USA: 14
NFL: 15
ESPN: 13

The Ravens have demonstrated their absolute tenacity on the defensive side of the ball, while also trying to not drown on the offensive side. Unfortunately they can’t wade in the water for long, as they take on the undisputed #1 ranked Dallas Cowboys. All eight sites are unwaivering, ranking Dallas number one. It will be quite the dogfight as Baltimore’s defense is a total powerhouse, especially their front. Just the same, Dallas and the offensive line pushes piles. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object come Sunday. Let’s all hope Baltimore can do it.