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Suggs strip sack a thing of beauty

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Terrell Suggs did something many cannot yesterday, and it took every technical motion possible.

Sizzle didn’t have an easy task last night, battling against stalwart tackle Joe Thomas, yet Suggs produced in folds. The biggest play a fantastic strip sack where, as I mentioned, technical proficiency was necessary.

Suggs with an outside speed rush finally gets past Joe Thomas, but the battle didn’t stop there. Suggs, rather than attacking relentlessly, hits the e-brake and waits. Against all instinct to get after McCown, Suggs patiently gets pushed back further by Thomas until McCown starts the throwing motion. There, Terrell reaches out and makes the play. All of this happening at NFL speed is incredibly difficult, no doubt Sizzle produced this play out of NFL experience and true skill.

Reminder: This was against 9x Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas. Also, Terrell is dealing with a torn biceps injury, yet still viciously attacking quarterbacks, successfully.