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Who should Baltimore want to win today?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore delivered a victory on Thursday, leaving today a little empty on the schedule for Ravens fans. No worries, as you still can enjoy a full slate of football. Even better news, you can root against the AFC North!

Dallas heads to Heinz Field, facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens need Dallas to keep Pittsburgh down. This is a critical game. Pittsburgh losing to Dallas would help, but the Ravens also play the Cowboys next week. The biggest hope here, the Cowboys beat the Steelers and the coaches can find weakness in the Cowboys. If the Steelers win they’ll still be tied with the Ravens for #1 in the AFC North.

Monday Night Football hosts the Cincinnati Bengals traveling to the New York Giants. Baltimore already lost to the Giants, but they could help Baltimore out by also beating the Bengals. Let’s all hope Eli Manning produces a championship performance.

Other than these two matchups, the biggest hope will be AFC teams losing. Though Baltimore is fighting for a divisional title, they could easily lose it to their backloaded schedule. In that case, more AFC losses better their chances.