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numberFire favorites the Ravens, but not by much

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Reading into numberFire’s ‘weekend preview’ is getting me anxious for the Ravens-Browns matchup today. The website projects every game, but it’s uncomfortably balanced near 50-50. In fact, the NFL Game Projections for the Browns @ Ravens gives Baltimore only a 59.3% win probability.

I can’t completely fault them, hell, this team isn’t even above .500. As Steve Smith Sr. mentioned, they can’t be overlooking anybody with their record.

numberFire also gave the Ravens a 23rd best team ranking, while also posting their likelyhood to make the playoffs. Baltimore’s percentage: 29.8%. Not pretty.

As I already mentioned, this team isn’t doing too well to warrant anything higher in others eyes, but it sure doesn’t feel Baltimore is this bad. A powerhouse defense capable of embarrassing the high-octane Steelers offense is something to awe. If only the offense could help to punish the opposition. A short week against the Browns will help, at least I believe so. Go kick some butt at M&T Bank Stadium and leave 5-4. Then, rest up for ten days before battling against the Cowboys.