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It starts and ends in the trenches

Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I wrote yesterday about quarterback Joe Flacco not needing a star wideout for success, and I felt the need to explain what Joe Flacco, nay, Baltimore, DOES need.

The Baltimore Ravens need a healthy offensive line. One where all five starters stay on the field and produce. Where Ronnie Stanley is protecting Joe Flacco, rather than Alex Lewis or James Hurst. One where we observe Marshal Yanda and Rick Wagner bully the right side, creating a semi-truck sized running lane. This is what Joe Flacco needs.

Joe is not going to become a quick pass artist, nor will Harbaugh’s offense be catered to a more spread attack. The Ravens have not the receiving talent nor the quarterback built for this scheme. Baltimore still needs to be power run offense. I use the term heavy bearing. This to me is where the defense is exhausted by the fourth from the offensive line bodying them all game. Where Urschel has been a pulled guard so many times the defensive end is left unblocked and uncertain if he’ll be getting plowed over. Defenses are bruised and battered from this purple & black set of mountains punishing their attempts to knock them down.

No longer should the offense be throwing forty times a contest. Rather, the offense should be structured to feed the tailback around 20-30 times. It is pertinent the Ravens get the run game going, because Joe Flacco can’t survive with pass rushers blasting through.