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John Harbaugh loses game with poor decision making

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The blame today falls squarely on the shoulders of head coach John Harbaugh. The Baltimore Ravens lost today because of John Harbaugh.

It’s the head coaches job to ensure the team the highest rate of success, yet he failed them.

John Harbaugh elected to call a timeout with one second left before half to set up what only can be assumed a hail mary. What followed, a sack on franchise quarterback Joe Flacco and an injured starting right tackle. This forced Marshal Yanda to play right tackle for the second half.

John Harbaugh elected to not kick the field goal when up 10-6. The winds were swirling and the Harbaugh called for a fake field goal. A fake field goal in which the placekicker Justin Tucker was forced to throw a pass downfield in said winds. The Ravens lost today 16-10. If they had scored the field goal, they’d be at 16-13 when they drove down the field. Instead of being desperate for a touchdown they could have kicked the field goal once more and tied up the game. That didn’t happen though, as John Harbaugh left the points.

John Harbaugh is the head coach, and should be helping to use plays most effective for the team.

Terrance West rushed for 95 yards on 11 carries, yet in the second half was hardly used. The Ravens decided to not use their biggest weapon against the Washington Redskins for what reason? I know Trestman is calling the plays but John Harbaugh at some point must make a decision to keep the team in the drivers seat. He failed to do so.

A former special teams coach, John Harbaugh is capable of understanding how to coach kick and punt return coverage, yet the Redskins beat the Ravens with returns. They also didn’t get Devin Hester to actually field the punts bouncing around closer to the endzone due to lack of a fair catch. Special teams is something the Ravens should be tops in the league with, yet five weeks in it’s been the reason for the oppositions success.