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Ravens vs. Redskins: Losers... just the losers

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens stepped onto the field and buried the Redskins with a 75 yard drive. What followed, an anemic offense with little to no push and stupid decision making by both the offensive coordinator and head coach.


John Harbaugh - Doesn’t take the points. Thinks a placekicker can throw with the swirling winds on a fake field goal. Second week in a row Harbaugh makes a foolish decision. The Ravens could have been down only a field goal on their final drive but due to his bad decision making the Ravens needed a touchdown. He failed his team. This loss is on Harbaugh.

Marc Trestman - Terrance West demonstrating a skillset every team desires, yet abandons the run completely. With 11 touches Terrance West brought 96 yards on the ground. Yet the Ravens completely stop running the football. Juszczyk is more valuable as a blocker and checkdown catcher than West delivering first downs and big play ability.

Jerry Rosburg - Once again has not coached his team to successfully stop the return game. Coverage still lacking in both punt and kick return coverage.

Rick Wagner - Possibly the biggest loser, and I’m blaming the OC and Head coach. Due to Harbaugh and Trestman’s stupid halftime idea Wagner got injured and wasn’t able to play in the second half. He isn’t a loser for his play, but he lost because this coaching staff injured him.

Terrance West - If you’re this good at your job you should be featured almost exclusively. Producing over eight(!) yards per carry yet you’re not being used for what reason? West lost today not because of his plsy, but because this coaching staff failed him.

C.J. Mosley - Come up with a fantastic interception and start hauling it back for the extra yards. Then fumbles the ball out of the endzone, creating a touchback. An INT resulted in a 17 yard gain for the Redskins. Not to mention he injured his hamstring on this play.

Devin Hester - The best return man in NFL history was too skiddish to fair catch punts today. The Ravens started many drives inside the ten yard line because he expected the ball to bounce to the endzone with the Redskins coverage team surrounding him.