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Questionable coaching to doom this second half?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens coaching has been suspect yet again, with multiple strange calls.

First, the run game has abused the Redskins. In fact, Terrance West is averaging 8.6 yards per carry, yet the run game is no longer being used.

Keep in mind one of those was the pathetic draw play in the redzone on 3rd & 9. Where is the coaching?

Let’s go over that entire drive.

1st & 10 - the Ravens run game has been successful all game, yet they opt to throw

2nd & 10 - Once more, the Ravens throw and gain a single yard on a checkdown pass.

3rd & 9 - NOW they opt to run, in the shotgun. WHAT?

4th & 9 - The wind is too bad to kick apparently, but instead they’ll allow their placekicker to throw?

With a field goal the Ravens would be sitting seven points up against Washington (if Tucker makes PAT). A full touchdown lead, yet Harbaugh gets pretty and fails.

Multiple failures in special teams coverage allow the Redskins in this game. Rosburg is undoubtedly a great ST coach but this is yet another weak with failed coverages. Also, Harbaugh is a former ST coach. Two special teams coordinators and the Ravens can’t figure out how to play all three facets of the game, including the one they specialize in.

Coaching right now is holding the Ravens back, at least that’s what it feels like. A team sitting 3-1 should not feel ‘held back’ ever, let alone by the coaching staff.