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Redskins’ WR DeSean Jackson is a threat that the Ravens have no direct answer to

The speedy wide receiver will find favourable match-ups against the Ravens.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Even at his age - as proven against the New York Giants - Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson can still get deep. He represents the threat that will benefit from the Ravens scheming to stop Jordan Reed.

When Jackson will find himself across from Baltimore Ravens cornerback Shareece Wright, results will only favor the Redskins. On specific plays, Washington will use Jordan Reed in motion as a decoy to draw attention away from Jackson. Even if the Ravens decide to keep two deep safeties for the entire game rendering post routes null and nine routes extremely difficult to hit, the space vacated underneath will free up Jackson on shallow crosses and deeper dig routes.

Before this season, passes over the middle of the field had been a common sight in the Ravens defense. This year however, passes have - for the most part - gone to the sidelines. Eric Weddle's arrival at safety for the Ravens and newfound speed and genre spatial awareness at the linebacker position has forced passes to be dumped closer to the line of scrimmage, allowing linebackers to rally to the football.

When facing two-deep zone coverage, DeSean Jackson will test the Ravens pass defense in terms of discipline and tackling ability. If lined up against Shareece Wright, expect the latter to play with an eight yard cushion, at the least. There are almost no reproaches to make to the Ravens defense.