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Is Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman officially on notice?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-OTA Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens hired offensive coordinator Marc Trestman following the departure of Gary Kubiak, fans of the team were understandably worried.

Kubiak was a beloved figure in Baltimore because his west-coast style of offense had quarterback Joe Flacco playing as well as he ever had in a Ravens uniform, while also jump starting a running game that had struggled mightily in 2013.

When Trestman took over in 2015, he repeatedly stated that he planned to continue to utilize a similar offensive style to Kubiak which helped to somewhat assuage the fears of the Baltimore faithful. Unfortunately, he has yet to full fill that promise.

The Ravens running game was below par in 2015, and outside of a big performance by Terrance West against Oakland, it has largely been a no show this season as well. The passing game seems to be the only strength of the offense, but schizophrenic playcalling and erratic play from Flacco has led to an up and down start to the season.

Trestman is a somewhat easy target due to his disastrous tenure in Chicago and a rough first season with the Ravens, but at this point, the criticisms are looking more and more valid. His willingness to ditch the running game early is frustrating, his 3rd and 4th down play calling can be maddening, and his dink and dunk style of passing has drawn comparisons between him and former Ravens coordinator Cam Cameron. That is a name you'd like to avoid hearing in connection with yourself if you're a Ravens play caller.

It is unlikely that any move to get rid of Trestman will be made during the season unless the Ravens feel they have a legitimate replacement lined up. No names on the current offensive staff immediately jump out, so it is probable that Trestman will get at least the rest of 2016 to figure things out.

However, if he never does get things figured out on offense, he may just be figuring it out elsewhere in 2017.