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Mike Wallace’s costly taunting penalty dooms Ravens in loss.

The team’s prize acquisition made a key blunder on Sunday.

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

Man that was a tough one to lose. A game that the Baltimore Ravens struggled with penalties all game long but were able to show great fight and were able to make another comeback and take a 27-21 lead late in the fourth quarter. The problem with that lead change was the completion of the Ravens 2 point conversion after running back Terrance West scored the touchdown to put the team ahead. Wide receiver Mike Wallace has been a solid acquisition so far in the 2016 season, but he came up with a huge mental mistake after he caught the 2 point conversion pass from quarterback Joe Flacco.

After he caught the ball, Wallace then spiked the ball right in front of an Oakland Raiders defensive player and then taunted him. Resulting in two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. The penalties were enforced at the following kickoff and allowed the Raiders to start what would turn out to be the game winning drive at their own 36 yard line. Instead of the Raiders possibly starting deep in their own territory with all the momentum in Baltimore’s favor, one mental mistake by Wallace allowed the momentum to slowly go back into the hands of the Raiders. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was in a much more comfortable position to be in than he should’ve been.

While Wallace has become a big playmaker on the offense and a primary weapon for Flacco, he has been known for making mental mistakes throughout his career and Sunday he made what was one of many mental mistakes the entire Ravens team made in the loss against the Raiders. Yes, it was a big moment and we all let our emotions get the best of us, but Wallace must learn to keep his cool and know the situation in even the biggest of moments. Say the Ravens get into a playoff push during the season where every game matters to get into the tournament or even if the team gets into the playoffs and Wallace makes a stupid bone headed mistake like the one he made on Sunday and that ends up costing the Ravens dearly in either making the tournament, or moving on to the next round of the playoffs.

Wallace is beloved now by many, but if he continues to cost the Ravens thanks to his mental mistakes that result in the yellow flag, the love may not last long.