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PFF: Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco the ninth worst player in Week 4

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had one of the worst performances of any player in Week 4 according to Pro Football Focus. Senior analyst Sam Monson placed Flacco’s showing against the Oakland Raiders among his list of the ten worst players from Week 4:

9. Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Up until playing the Raiders, Flacco had quietly been playing pretty well this season, but set about firmly reversing that course with a game that featured some truly ugly passing. Under pressure his passer rating was just 49.7, and he was regularly missing receivers with overthrows or badly inaccurate passes. He also fumbled the ball while moving to his left out of the pocket, oblivious to the rush that was inevitably chasing him down at the time.

Besides Steve Smith's ferocious running after the catch, Flacco did not have very much help on Sunday. The offensive line, starting backups at both positions on the left side, allowed six quarterback hits and two sacks. Flacco was pressured on almost 40% of his drop backs.

Compounding the issue, the Ravens receivers dropped several key passes. Although the offense had its best rushing day of the season against the Raiders, with two touchdowns and a five-yard average per carry, penalties were another obstacle for Flacco.

To beat talented teams, the Ravens will need more from their passing game this season.