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ICYMI: C.J. Mosley speaks with ESPN’s Hannah Storm, talks of losing streak, frustration

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

ESPN’s Hannah Storm sat down with C.J. Mosley a few days ago and asked questions pertaining to the Ravens struggles this season.

Hannah didn’t give any real softball questions either, starting off instead asking about the losing streak which has never been four games under John Harbaugh.

“I can commend him because, to go five and eleven and you think after each loss, ‘Man, what’s coach gonna say now. Like what — I know he’s gonna go off on us,’” said C.J. Mosley. “But he kept a strong heart and he kept it real with us, as we say. You get the good with the bad. We played the Jets, and we had a two hour and a half film session, watched every single play. When it was good he commended us, when it was bad, ha, he let us know.”

First, let’s address the fact the team had a two and a half hour film session, covering every single play. Every snap of the ball, every kick, every punt. To point out every player on each snap to evaluate the problems and also shine light to the positives is a lot of work. Really proud of Harbaugh and the entire team to sit down and really work towards getting back on track.

Storm also brought up in the beginning how the bye week can really help this team. This bye week couldn’t be timed more properly. The best Ravens on the team are all nursing injuries, and this midseason bye giving two weeks rest is the necessary ingredient for success. Especially considering it’s STEELER WEEK in Baltimore.