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Ravens now third place in the AFC North

Great job Washington...

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

That pesky squad just across I-95 really put a hamper on the Baltimore Ravens playoff chances. Rather than making a game winning kick they leave London with a tie, giving the Cincinnati Bengals a half-win half-loss step on the Ravens. Obviously it could have been worse, though this outcome really isn’t helpful for the Ravens.

The current AFC North Standings:

Team Record Win %
Pittsburgh Steelers 4 - 3 .571
Cincinnati Bengals 3 - 4 - 1 .438
Baltimore Ravens 3 - 4 .429
Cleveland Browns 0 - 7 .000

This tie can really hurt the Ravens in the long run. If Baltimore and Cincy both win nine games the Bengals can steal a playoff spot over the Ravens with their tie giving them a higher win percentage.

Doing my best John Madden here, the Ravens can avoid this by simply winning more football games than the Bengals. But as we all know, this will likely come down to a single victory difference if the Ravens are to squeak into the playoffs.