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A Ravens’ fan is in critical condition after being assaulted by 2 Raiders’ fans

NFL: Preseason-Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

A Baltimore Ravens season ticket holder by the name of Joseph Bauer, 55, is currently fighting for his life after being physically assaulted by two Oakland Raiders fans at M&T Bank Stadium during yesterday’s game according to the Baltimore Sun.

The Baltimore Sun also reports that the two suspects, Scott Smith, 30 and Andrew Nappi, 31 both from New York, have been charged of first and second degree assault. Bauer was struck by the two men which left him hitting his head on the concrete creating a severe head injury.

Susan Bauer, Joseph’s sister, told the Baltimore Sun that the doctor’s at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center have given him a 30 percent chance to live.

The Ravens have released the following statements via

Our sympathies and prayers go out to Mr. Joseph Bauer, his wife Sharon and the rest of his family. We have reached out to the family and have received a report on Mr. Bauer’s condition.

We are deeply concerned about this assault and are learning as much as we can about it. Safety for our fans is a top priority. Confrontational and inflammatory behavior is never tolerated and is unacceptable at Ravens home games.

This disgusting act should never be tolerated. NFL stadium fights have been way too common over the years which is a big reason why a lot of fans choose to stay at home with friends and family to enjoy the game.

It’s just a game. Life is more than football or any other sport. When you hurt someone to the extent where they are fighting for their life and possibly die, that is a life that you can’t bring back ever again. There are no do overs. The people you know and the way you know them and care for them only happens once in a lifetime.

Time on this earth is limited for everyone and to spend it assaulting another human being over a game is pathetic and evil.

A lot of people aware of this sad situation wish for a speedy recovery for Joseph and hope that the entire Bauer family is able to make it through this.