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ICYMI: Former Ravens Duane Starks and Brad Jackson rip Joe Flacco

Getty Images - Rhona Wise

Comcasts Sports Network broadcasts a program titled Ravens Extra to the local audience after each Baltimore Ravens regular season game. The show provides live team interviews and postgame analysis.

Duane Starks, a cornerback who payed for the Ravens from 1998-2001 and was an integral part of the Ravens record setting championship defense, and Brad Jackson, a special teams stalwart and rotational linebacker who played in Baltimore from 1999-2001, provide the commentary for the broadcast. Following Joe Flacco’s postgame press conference after the loss to the Jets, the pair of former Ravens did not hold back when critiquing the franchise quarterback:

Considering that Starks and Jackson played on Ravens teams centered around strong defense and special teams, their perspectives should be understandable. Quarterbacks such as Tony Banks, Stoney Case, Trent Dilfer and Elvis Grbac were starting in Baltimore while Starks and Jackson were with the Ravens. These two defenders should be able to identify poor quarterback play, they witnessed plenty.

The Ravens offensive performance in the second half was simply unacceptable. Flacco should have been able to generate more than 43 yards of total offense against a below average Jets defense if he was the only offensive starter on the field. Two bad interceptions in the second half added insult to injury.

Special teams and defense have carried the team this season, but the offense has not lived up to their end of the bargain. Regardless how much Flacco is worth and how much his contract impacted the roster building, at this point, the Ravens need Flacco to play much better to have a chance to turn the season around.

When the going gets tough, teams need their franchise players to step up. Flacco has done the opposite. The injuires and coaching are what they are. Right now, the direction of the franchise is squarely on Joe Flacco’s shoulders.