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Marcus Williams uncalled defensive pass interference on Mike Wallace in the endzone

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens have been killed by penalties. Both on plays they failed to play within the rules, and also where the referees have not called penalties on the New York Jets.

Ravens driving down the field before halftime and Joe Flacco heaves the deep ball to Mike Wallace. In the endzone Jets DB Marcus Williams gets away with defensive pass interference on Mike Wallace, as you can see.

Ravens aren’t doing themselves any favors, but the referee’s have missed a facemask on Kenneth Dixon and also didn’t call the late hit out of bounds on QB Joe Flacco.

Three missed calls have helped to keep the New York Jets in the game, though the Ravens as we know wouldn’t dare take advantage of the mistakes. Baltimore too often succumbs to the 10 point lead and leaves the door wide open for any team to come back in.