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Ravens QB Joe Flacco expected to play today against the New York Jets

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Fear not Ravens fans, the Baltimore Ravens franchise quarterback Joe Flacco is expected to play today against the New York Jets.

Though it is great to see the man back on the field, it doesn’t ease Ravens fans knowing their sixth overall pick Ronnie Stanley isn’t on the blindside protecting him. Even worse, it is Joe Flacco’s throwing shoulder which is injured, and one big sack from the left side could land him directly on that right shoulder. Doesn’t help knowing the Ravens are also missing a large number of veterans on both sides, including another great lineman as you can see here.

Not good, as you can tell, but the chances of victory do rise with Flacco at the helm as opposed to backup quarterback Ryan Mallett. Mallett is no doubt one of the best backups in the league, but Joe on the gridiron is a greater positive.