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Raiders vs. Ravens Final: 12 Losers and 3 Winners

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

An ugly game by the Baltimore Ravens brings many losers to the list. Not an enjoyable to watch, from the penalties to the offensive line play it was not fun.


James Hurst - He can’t block. He somehow continues to make the Ravens roster though he’s proven once more he’s incapable of blocking NFL linebackers and defensive ends.

John Harbaugh - A bad accepted holding call resulted in a touchdown for the Oakland Raiders. With Baltimore only losing by a point, you must wonder if that is the game deciding call.

Marc Trestman - It wasn’t until desperation mode the Ravens realized they had a run game. It took 17 quarters for the Ravens to finally lean on Terrance West. Utilize the Ravens strengths, such as a strong tailback and the best guard in football.

Rick Wagner - Another lineman that struggled. The edge couldn’t be protected on either side, and Wagner is to blame for half.

Jeremy Zuttah - Though he saved a fumble from Terrance West, he held on multiple occasions and couldn’t block well.

Ryan Jensen - Helping James Hurst block his man while also trying to block your own guy is impossible. But his holding calls and bad play is brought up nonetheless.

Justin Forsett - He didn’t play and Terrance West proved why. The Ravens looked good without him on the groung, and Javorius Allen produced in the passing game whereas Forsett can’t. Maybe the Ravens leave him as the odd man out going forward.

Shareece Wright - Three touchdowns allowed from Shareece. Absolutely terrible showing. Week 1 Wright is gone. We’re back to watching terrible coverage Wright once more.

Kamar Aiken - Missed special teams tackles and abysmal on offense. No clue where ‘15 Aiken is.

Kendrick Lewis - In for only a short amount of time, and he somehow gets beat deep.

Joe Flacco - Pummelled all day. Forced to throw 52 passes due to a bad run game in the first half. No doubt it wasn’t his fault for the loss, but a third down pass left the Ravens without a chance of kicking the field goal. Pitta was open, and Flacco couldn’t deliver.

Chris Moore - Game on the line and he drops a crossing route that would have pushed them into field goal territory. Rookie nerves caught the best of him at the worst time.


Terrance West - Bulldozing his way for yards, proving what everybody’s preached thus far, he’s the proven back on the team.

Mike Wallace - Once more he’s the man capable of catching all passes. Took some hard hits and came up with the ball repeatedly.

Steve Smith Sr. - The baddest man on the gridiron. Smith Sr. was the entire reason for the attempted comeback. Delivering a 52 yard touchdown, and making tough catches. He delivered in crunch time.