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Kamalei Correa, where art thou?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Drafted in the second round, the Boise State product was expected to be another skilled addition to a strong linebacker unit. Yet six weeks in, the 42nd overall pick is battling through the injury riddled depth chart to take the field.

Last week the Ravens couldn’t create any pressure against quarterback Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants. It’s been a consistent theme this season as the defensive line and linebackers never work as a full unit to frustrate and create discord to the opposition. Kamalei Correa is still not involved.

The Baltimore Ravens were without linebackers C.J. Mosley and Elvis Dumervil last week, also noting Terrell Suggs tore his arm up. Yet the Ravens played Za’Darius Smith, Matt Judon, Zachary Orr and Albert McClellan. Once more, Kamalei Correa was on the sidelines.

Am I jumping to conclusions a bit? Maybe. But it’s unnerving when the product isn’t being used. Kamalei Correa looked to be a talented player during training camp against a healthy Ravens offense, yet still hasn’t seen consistent snaps on defense. Either he isn’t up to speed on the playbook, can’t beat the other linebackers for playing time, or the Ravens are misusing his skills. A fourth option means the coaches are holding the rookie back from playing as some teams do with young players. At this point though, the Ravens would be trying anything to give their defense a spark. Hopefully this isn’t another Arthur Brown.