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Matchups: Ravens Defense vs. Jets Offense

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Though the sky seems to be falling after the Ravens past three games, the Jets could be exactly what Baltimore needs to get back on track. Expect good things this Sunday.

The Ravens health gives this entire article an asterisk. If Jimmy Smith isn’t healed up count this null & void. Also, C.J. Mosley, but less necessary than Smith.

Match-up 1: Jimmy Smith vs. Brandon Marshall

When Jimmy was on the field Odell Beckham Jr. was just another Giants receiver. It wasn’t until the concussion sidelined the cornerback that OBJ hulked out for 200 plus yards and two scores.

If Jimmy is back expect Jimmy to win a lot of matchups and even force a turnover. An erronous Ryan Fitzpatrick is desperate for success. Sloppy throws to the big receiver could put Smith in the limelight. But for Ryan to be sloppy as well, the Ravens need to figure out an even bigger issue.

Key Matchup: Ravens pass rush vs. Jets O-line

A sidelined Suggs, or at best a one-armed Sizzle isn’t going to get it done. The Ravens need to deliver, whether it is Dumervil coming back or Za’darius Smith and rookie Matt Judon getting going, they need to hit somebody. No more quarterbacks sitting back, making a quick sidestep and launching a twenty yard gain. This squad needs to become more. Hopefully Pees is hitting the schemes hard this week in an effort to combat the struggles.

Matt Forte vs. C.J. Mosley/Zachary Orr & Eric Weddle

Runningbacks haven’t had a pleasant time against the Ravens and I expect that to continue. Eric Weddle has punished the short route pass-catching and the linebackers have clogged the lanes repeatedly. Though Matt Forte is still a dual threat beast, I don’t expect him to get the bulk of work against Baltimore. The Ravens downhill attack is too good.

If Fitzpatrick isn’t able to use his two main safety valves the quarterback could be in for a long game. It truly depends upon the pressure and I know we all hope Pees can work something out to be more effective.