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State of the AFC North: Post week 6

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While all Ravens fans are rattled from the three game slide, there is some good news. Every AFC North squad took an L, and helps to leave the door open for not only a wildcard spot, but for the division.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Starting at the top of the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers were expected to put a whoopin’ on the Miami Dolphins. Lo and behold, it was quite the opposite story. Ben Roethlisberger sustained a knee injury, resulting in surgery yesterday for a partially torn meniscus. That wasn’t the only issue as two Pittsburgh Steelers defenders were vomiting during the game, the heat getting to the players. They end up losing 15-30, but the loss of Ben is much worse.

Up Next: The New England Patriots. Expect Tom Brady to abuse the Steelers. Brady looks to be in MVP mode and Belichick can scheme against a Roethlisberger-less squad.

Baltimore Ravens:

Each week this team gives just enough to believe they can slay the dragon, yet trip and fall on their own sword before delivering the final blow. It doesn’t help the knight in shining armor is riddled with injuries before entering battle. Odell Beckham Jr. got loose after Jimmy Smith sustained a concussion, and with it came the stupid media love.

Up Next: The New York Jets. A plummeting Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the starting quarterback, said by head coach Todd Bowles. Hopefully the skid stops and they make it into the bye week tied with the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals:

It was Tom Brady’s first home game this season and clearly he wasn’t to be trifled with. Brady dropped almost 400 yards while Andy Dalton was tossed to the endzone for a safety. The Bengals aren’t looking good as I expected, but this is a squad that can flip at any time.

Up Next: The Cleveland Browns. Oh please oh please oh please have the Bengals drop a game to the winless Browns. Not likely though, with Cincy being 10 point favorites and Terrelle Pryor Sr. injured. I mean, he’s their only offensive weapon it seems.

Cleveland Browns:

It wasn’t the Titans attempting to lose, but rather the Browns really fighting for their first win. They came close, with Terrelle Pryor Sr. snaring two Cody Kessler touchdown passes and University of Miami product Duke Johnson Jr. scoring his own rushing touchdown closing the gap. But as I mentioned, they only came close.

Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals. As mentioned above, Bengals are ten point favorites. I’d love for the Browns to take them down a loss, but this Browns squad sure isn’t a talented one.