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Baltimore Ravens have to limit penalties.

The Ravens must be discipline and prevent the dreaded yellow flag,

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons why the Baltimore Ravens lost their third straight game to the New York Giants. Terrible offensive line play, no pass rush and the secondary getting torched by Odell Beckham Jr. to name a few. Another reason why they lost, lack of discipline. The Ravens received 15 flags for a total of 111 yards during their 27-23 loss to the Giants. Downright ridiculous and for me, the most frustrating part of this game.

The penalties were everywhere and the game on Sunday marked the second-most penalties in team history. We all remember the first back in 2005 when the team was penalized 21 times against the Detroit Lions. During the team's current three game losing streak, the Ravens have been penalized 34 times and are now tied with the Oakland Raiders for the most penalties in the NFL with 52 for a total of 403 yards.

The sad part is the team was doing pretty well in the penalty department during the first three games of the season. The Ravens were penalized just 18 times for 122 yards against the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars. All resulted into wins for the Ravens.

We can look at many things and think about how this team has lost three straight, but maybe the most important aspect is the team's lack of discipline over these past three games. Penalties will happen in the NFL, its just the nature of the beast. Especially in this era of pro football. The Ravens have some fixing to do and one of the things that needs fixing is their mental mistakes with penalties.