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Terrell Suggs may attempt to play through torn biceps injury

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

According to sources Jay Glazer and Ian Rapoport, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has sustained a torn biceps injury in the New York Giants game.

Word is they do not know the severity of his injury, as he’s undergoing more tests sometime today.

Expect Harbaugh to be quizzed during the post-game report this afternoon. More than likely he can brush them off saying, “That’s a question for Terrell, he can answer it better than I can,” but at least there is the possibility of him answering the question. Hopefully Harbaugh sheds some light on the matter.

This is not ideal for the Ravens, obviously. Terrell Suggs could be going back-to-back on season-ending injuries, and this is the second time he’s sustained a torn biceps. Suggs isn’t getting younger. So far this season the Ravens pass rush has not played a full game. If Suggs is out, the Ravens have next to nobody to call on.