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There’s Always an Excuse

NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Season after season, the saying stays the same.

“If this team can stay healthy, they could win nine or ten games and really make a playoff run.”

Yet season after season, the teams health issues stay the same.

Something is the matter with the Baltimore Ravens. Each and every year they field a formidable team with playoff aspirations, only to come crashing down with the injury bug. Last season the Ravens experienced the worst one yet, with 17 players on the injured reserve list. Feels as if they’re attempting to break that mark this season.

2014 - The obliterated secondary
2015 - The entire team
2016 - Offensive line & Pass rushers

Some of it is bad luck, it only takes you getting rolled up on to become hurt. Now three years straight it shows a trend, there must be something more.

It’s tough to pinpoint the problems, but when every year this team experiences such losses is it time to point fingers? Are the coaches to blame? The strength & conditiong coaches? The CBA deal which shortens practices? It doesn’t make sense how other teams can consistently play with healthy squads while Baltimore plays with a filled injury report list.

If Baltimore wants to be successful they need to keep their own players on the field for 16+ games.