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Unconfirmed: Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs tore his biceps vs. New York Giants?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The injury woes for the Baltimore Ravens continue once again and this time, the team’s all-time sack leader Terrell Suggs is on the list. The extent of the injury remains to be seen, but there are unconfirmed reports out right now that Suggs tore his biceps while sacking New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning today according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer and was brought into focus first by Russell Street Report’s Tony Lombardi.

Suggs’ injury occurred late in the fourth quarter as the Giants were threatening to score and he came up with a clutch sack on Manning. Suggs would immediately seek the attention of the training staff as he came off of the field and did not return.

If the biceps injury is true, it is devastating for Suggs as he just came off of a season where he suffered a torn Achilles and it was his second torn Achilles injury in a little over three years. To go through that only to rehab through a possibly bicep injury is a setback to say the least.

Suggs leads the Ravens with five sacks so far this season and without him the Ravens have shown little to no pass rush especially with outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil dealing with his own injury.

Entering his 14th season, you begin to wonder how much of a toll an injury like that would have on Suggs but you can only hope for the best.