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Ravens Giants Final: 6 Winners and 9 Losers

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Another heartbreaking loss for the Baltimore Ravens, who can never seem to complete a full football game. This time their defeat comes at the hands of Odell Beckham Jr. after the absence of Jimmy Smith.

Ravens: 23 | Giants: 27


Marty Mornhinweg - The man called the plays for an offense lacking starters everywhere. Two tackles, on guard and a wide receiver, yet kept the Ravens in it. We all know Trestman’s play calling would not have allowed Baltimore a chance.

Terrance West - Two touchdowns, 23 attempts, and 87 yards. Somehow he produced with that O-line. Fantastic player with an undying motor

Eric Weddle - What an addition for the Baltimore Ravens. Produced from the very first snap of the game. Crucial tackles and really made his presence felt.

Zachary Orr - Pro bowl whispers are occuring on Twitter, with his production still growing on the field. So often is Orr around the ball and it’s obviously benefitting both he and the Ravens. Turnover machine.

Mike Wallace - Several instances where he is the passing attack. Great hands and speed to deliver. The Ravens knocked it out of the park with their free agent acquisitions this year.

Jimmy Smith - Without him, the Ravens didn’t stand a chance. His play shined and he produced play after play. If not for the concussion, Baltimore wins this ballgame. Get healthy soon 22.


John Harbaugh - He refuses to take the points, and it’s costing the Ravens. I believe the 4th & 1 on the 1 was the right call, but without the lineman to produce you need to take the points. The Ravens would have only needed a field goal to win it YET AGAIN.

Shareece Wright - Do I need to keep writing new blurbs about his failures each week?

Will Davis - Finally your time to shine and he’s matched up with a top route running machine. He gave a dying effort, though Beckham Jr. didn’t care. His failures cost the Ravens.

Pass rush - “What’s that?” you may ask. It’s what all other teams do to the Ravens, but the Ravens never do to the opposition. Somebody hit a quarterback please.

John Urschel, Alex Lewis, Jeremy Zuttah, Ryan Jensen, James Hurst - Penalties are not positive. It’s absolutely a discipline issue here and they killed offensive production with the lack of blocking and penalties.