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Ravens - Giants: Five Questions with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View

NFL: New York Giants at Green Bay Packers Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Giants are on a three game skid, what seems to be the problem?

It's different in each game it seems. Overriding problems, though, have been lack of pass rush on defense and injuries in the secondary and not enough big plays from their trio fo wide receivers -- Beckham, Shepard, Cruz -- on the outside.

2. The Giants spend some big dollars on the defense, has it panned out so far?

Yes and no. Janoris Jenkins has been terrific. Snacks Harrison is as advertised as a run stuffer. Olivier Vernon is a good player, but he's playing with a wrist injury, has only sack and the jury is out as to whether or not he really is a No. 1 defensive end.

3. What two players, one offense one defense, should Ravens fans be paying attention to?

Offense -- Gotta be Beckham. He hasn't had a breakout game this year, and you know one is coming.

Defense -- I'm going to say two, the DE's -- Vernon and JPP. The Giants need more from them than they've been getting.

4. What one player from the Baltimore Ravens would you take and add to your lineup? Why?

Difficult question, considering that defensively the Ravens are a base 3-4 team while the Giants are a base 4-3. So, the linemen and linebackers don't necessarily do the same things. Offensively, it's also tricky because of the fit. I would have loved to see the Giants draft Ronnie Stanley had he been available b/c that would probably have allowed them to push Ereck Flowers to right tackle. I'll say Marshal Yanda, though, because he's the best Baltimore lineman and a massive upgrade over John Jerry at the guard spot.

5. Stealing your question 5, "You are preparing a scouting report for the Ravens about the Giants. How would you attack them, both offensively and defensively?"

If I'm the Ravens on offense I just fast-forward everything to third down. The Giants can't do anything on third down defensively. Seriously, though, I think you have to attack the secondary because of injuries. They held up well against Green Bay. Make them prove they can do it again.

On defense, until the Giants prove they can do something about it do what everyone else has done. Put six in the box w/ two high safeties, dare the Giants to run and choke off the deep ball and a lot of the lanes where the Giants like to throw slants and quick routes.