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Next two games for the Baltimore Ravens are must win games

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have to win on the road in the next two weeks as the team faces the New York Giants this week and the New York Jets next week. The Ravens currently stand at 3-2 on the season and going 3-4 pretty much means that the Ravens season would be all but over.

The Ravens right now have a solid record despite the two game losing streak which were home games against the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins. However, looking at the brutal schedule that the Ravens have down the stretch, the last two losses may prove to be costly down the road.

The Ravens last four games of the season are the following:

I don’t believe the Ravens are going to go 4-0 down the stretch and with the way the team is playing right now, it is more likely that the Ravens go 0-4 than splitting the last four games.

The Patriots look like the best team in the AFC if not the entire NFL, the Steelers offense is starting to get on a roll, the Eagles look like a team that is clicking on all cylinders and the Ravens only have two wins on the road against the Bengals in the last 11 seasons.

Not to mention, injuries are starting to pile up for the Ravens as key players such as Elvis Dumervil, C.J. Mosley, Steve Smith Sr., Marshal Yanda, Ronnie Stanley, Mike Wallace and Rick Wagner could all be out this Sunday against the Giants.

This is really a critical point in the season that could decide the Ravens playoff hopes. If the Ravens can’t handle its business right now, then it is likely that the team needs to win at least three of the last four games of the season.