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Does Marc Trestman’s firing lead to better things for Baltimore Ravens’ offense?

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens have obviously struggled on offense five games into the 2016 season which led to offensive coordinator Marc Trestman being fired this morning. The Ravens currently rank 23rd in the NFL in yards per game (22nd in passing yards and 17th in rushing yards) and currently rank 19th in points per game only averaging 18.8.

But with Trestman gone, what can we really expect with Marty Mornhinweg stepping in to take over the coordinator duties? It is very hard to go anywhere but up at this point.

I think it is safe to say that we won’t be seeing the same conservative offense we have seen in the passing game as the Ravens average 5.9 yards per pass play which is tied with the San Francisco 49ers for the worst in the league. If we do see the same results, it means that Trestman wasn’t the biggest problem, only part of the problem and there is something internally wrong with the offense.

Big changes on offense also depend on the health and depth of the offensive line going forward. As bad as the play calling was under Trestman, the offensive line can’t hold up for very long in pass protection which has caused Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to rush his throws even on three step drops.

The injuries along the offensive line most notably to rookie starting left tackle Ronnie Stanley and now right tackle Ricky Wagner has caused a lot of chemistry issues with the unit. The Ravens have been shuffling the offensive line looking for answers and the results for the most part has not been good.

Flacco voiced his frustrations yesterday with the offense in general after the 16-10 loss to the Washington Redskins and he was as mad as you will see him in the media.

“It’s embarrassing to run off the field in front of your home fans, in front of your teammates,” Flacco noted via “Our defense is putting up some awesome fights every week, and we’re just running on and off the field, basically.”

Ravens head John Harbaugh is searching for answers as well.

“I think we have to find our offense,” Head Coach John Harbaugh noted via . “We’ve had that all year, basically. That’s been the story of the season. We can’t find continuity on offense.”

The Ravens in the last two years have brought in wide receivers such as Breshad Perriman, Mike Wallace and Chris Moore who are known for speed and the Ravens have done nothing but use dink and dunk passes which end seem to end up short of the first down marker time and time again.

The biggest thing that Mornhinweg needs to do is play to the player’s strengths and go with what is working. Don’t abandon the running game when you have had success over the course of 60 minutes. Get a good flow for the game and the trends that are going on in the middle of the battle. Allow Flacco to be more flexible with the play calling because it is obvious that he was limited to some degree this season as he has been known to be a guy with a big arm who can scare any defense down the field in his entire career.

We will see how things shake out as the Ravens get ready to go on the road to face the New York Giants and I wouldn’t expect any immediate fire power on offense as it will be the first week that Mornhinweg and the rest of the offense get on the same page.