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Should Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh bring his friend Leslie Frazier to Baltimore

Overshadowed by a playcalling clamor in Tampa Bay, released along with Coach Lovie Smith, abilities all but forgotten, John Harbaugh's friend Leslie Frazier is a perfect fit for the sole staff vacancy the Ravens have on defense. And a great insurance policy for the future.

Frazier would be a classic Ravens addition.
Frazier would be a classic Ravens addition.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Leslie Frazier should come to Baltimore.

First, watch this video to understand why I would say that he and John Harbaugh are friends:

That is an image of two friends reuniting.

Then, there is the public touting of Frazier, like when Harbaugh advised the Denver Broncos to hire him at a postgame press conference in 2009.  Rarely does Harbaugh promote a person for a job like that.  He worked with Frazier on the Eagles defensive staff from 1999-2002.  He knows the man.  

"He's a tremendous X's-and-O's coach....Players will respect him. He's a great organizer, a motivator. He's just a real good man." --John Harbaugh on Leslie Frazier

In previous articles here on Baltimore Beatdown, one 'conclusion' I reached is that Coach John Harbaugh is too loyal to make a move on Dean Pees, who hasn't done anything to put himself in the line of fire, according to Harbaugh's previous practice--that means no insubordination and no utter failure.  The defense finished 8th overall and was 2nd best in the NFL over the last half of the season. The news at the End of Season Press Conference that no coaching staff changes are coming solidifies this angle.  But the one thing that trumps Harbaugh's professional loyalty seems to be his friendships, to which he is also loyal, more loyal.  He does not like to see coaches get fired from other teams.  So even though they have said this from the public soapbox, things could change. The news of Ted Monachino going to Indianapoilis was unforeseen and creates a gap.  Leslie Frazier is John Harbaugh's friend and an extremely good defensive football mind.  What if he were brought in as the Linebackers Coach/Defensive Consultant?  With an unspoken eye to become the next DC should Pees falter?  Do you think this scenario could happen?

What about this: Leslie Frazier played defensive back for the 18-1 World Champion Bears team of 1985.  He has coached defensive backs.  What about shifting staff from defensive backs and bringing him in as a DB coach/Defensive Consultant?

What cannot be argued is that the man is very talented with improving defenses:

The trend is that he takes over a defense and spends a year getting it right, them zooms it upward.  Frazier is a beast.  He has spent half of his career in the top ten final season rankings.  If you take out the first years with defenses, he has been in the top ten every season as Coordinator but one.  That's 80% of the time, folks.  Amazing.

Also, superlative run defense is a premium here in Baltimore.  Clearly, Frazier believes in that.  The Minnesota run is remarkable.

Personally, I think he was misunderstood in a Tampa Bay franchise that appears increasingly greedy.  He could add great depth to our defensive backs coaching and give them excellent direction.  He also is most likely an excellent judge of talent back there.  Quietly, he could be plan B for the defense, should Pees falter.

I'd be willing to bet that Coach Harbs is on the phone right now.

picture by Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun