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Baltimore Ravens Linebackers coach Ted Monachino leaves to become Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator

Even the Ravens going 5-11 due to a weak defensive performance can stop teams from poaching coaches from their staff...

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are known to be a pipeline for other NFL teams to find coordinators and head coaches, serving as a training grounds for aspiring coaches. Current Head Coaches such as Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Chuck Pagano; former Head Coaches like Jack Del Rio, Mike Singletary, Jim Schwartz, Mike Smith, Ken Whisenhunt, Eric Mangini, Mike Nolan, and Mike Pettine; coordinators Hue Jackson, Teryl Austin; as well as former head coaches who needed to rehabilitate themselves like Jim Caldwell, Cam Cameron, and Steve Spagnoulo all passed through Baltimore at some point

Surprisingly, despite a 5-11 record and a lackluster performance throught the 2015 season, the trend has not stopped. The Indianapolis Colts felt that Linebackers Coach Ted Monachino was a fitting candidate to fill their defensive coordinator position:

An important factor in the hire was likely the relationship between Monachino and head coach Chuck Pagano, who served as his boss when he was defensive coordinator for the Ravens in 2011.

It will be interesting to see how this effects the Terrell Suggs saga, as rumors swirl that he is contemplating retirement. His relationship with Monachino was close, as they were together at Arizona State as well as the past 5 years with the Ravens. The expectation is that he will be back, as he is only 33, with several years left on his contract, not to mention he is a competitor who likely will not want his career to end the way his season did in Denver.