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Baltimore Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta is not leaving

Rob Carr
Rob Carr
Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans have been rumored in the last couple of days to be interested in hiring Baltimore Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta to a general manager position. DeCosta is apparently staying put in Baltimore.

This isn't shocking news as it has been well known that DeCosta is the successor for the general manager position in Baltimore after Ozzie Newsome leaves whenever that is. A lot of teams in recent years have been calling Baltimore for his availability and have been turned down by DeCosta himself.

Now there are fans around the league who are criticizing DeCosta because he doesn't want to leave Baltimore at the moment. Even going as far as disrespecting the city. It's really laughable. DeCosta is happy in Baltimore, he has family in the area and he loves working for the Ravens organization which is one of the elite organizations in the NFL.

Maybe DeCosta doesn't want to leave because your organization isn't worthy enough. Besides, there is a reason why your team is looking for a general manager anyway.