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What if the Eagles offered a trade for John Harbaugh?

Because Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie has been outspoken in his desire to bring Harbaugh back, far-fetched as it may be, what do you think it would actually take for the Ravens to let him go? Read on and vote!

You're kidding, right? A Coach Harbaugh trade is unlikely but is good hypothetical fodder.
You're kidding, right? A Coach Harbaugh trade is unlikely but is good hypothetical fodder.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press recently published an article by Rob Maaddi (@AP_RobMaaddi) about the Coaching Carousel, with all of the prospects and potentials.  It ended with a truly interesting premise--that John Harbaugh was not going anywhere, unless the Eagles offered a trade that the Ravens could not refuse.

Hm.  A trade for a Coach?  Worked out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, didn't it?  In 2002, they traded two first round draft picks and two second round picks, along with 8 million dollars thrown in for good measure, to Oakland for HC Jon Gruden.  Albeit highly unlikely, and not based on any inklings out there but rather just including all possibilities, the trade idea imputes a thought: what would it take for the Ravens to trade John Harbaugh?

I've put together four scenarios for you to peruse, and then please vote in the poll at the end.  This should be interesting.

SCENARIO A: THE GRUDEN OPTION. Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie, who has made it plain that he wants Harbaugh in Philadelphia,  has also boldly said that he needs a people person to piece his organization back together and infuse a championship mentality.  He mirrors the deal that sent Jon Gruden to Tampa Bay from Oakland.  Instead of cash, they send their best defender...who might depart anyway.

SCENARIO B: DOWN TO EARTH. Lurie needs Harbs, but will not mortgage the future for him.

SCENARIO C: NEGOTIATOR'S PARADISE. Lurie plays ball with Ozzie Newsome, mixes and matches commodities in order to seal the deal.

SCENARIO D: NO WAY, O - SAY. Ozzie Newsome drops the kibosh on any trade scenario and refuses Lurie outright.

Gets the ole' football strategist blood flowing, huh?  Before you vote in the poll, you may want to think about who would replace John Harbaugh.  That is not an easily answered question, at all.

You're welcome.

Now for the poll: