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2016 NFL Draft: Final draft spots for the teams sitting at home

Who picks where?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season over, 20 teams found themselves short of the postseason. Sadly for us, the Baltimore Ravens are among them. After jockeying for the final spots through the last few weeks of the regular season, the Baltimore Ravens and 19 other teams now know where they will be picking, with the Ravens seeing the 6th spot, one of the highest they've had in franchise history.

The NFL has their first 20 draft selections for the 2016-17 season.

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. San Diego Chargers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. Miami Dolphins
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. New York Giants
  11. Chicago Bears
  12. New Orleans Saints
  13. Philadelphia Eagles
  14. Oakland Raiders
  15. St. Louis Rams
  16. Detroit Lions
  17. Atlanta Falcons
  18. Indianapolis Colts
  19. Buffalo Bills
  20. New York Jets

At the sixth spot, the Ravens should have multiple options open to them at cornerback, safety, pass rusher, wide receiver, or even the Ozzie Newsome special; trading back to acquire more picks. I expect all the football fans around to be extremely excited about the mock drafts already! Only more exciting is the trade possibilities and Combine to help.