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2016 NFL Playoffs: Who is in and final seeding

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


1. — Denver Broncos (12-4): Broncos snag the 1st seed and homefield with the Patriots loss

2. — New England Patriots (12-4): Surprisingly, they lost the #1 seed at the last second, despite dominating much of the season.

3. — Cincinnati Bengals (12-4): Cincinnati ends the season on a high note, but drew a tough, battle tested rival in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

4. — Houston Texans (9-7): The AFC South champs clinched with a dominating week 17 win, will get to host the Chiefs in the wild-card round

5. — Kansas City Chiefs (11-5): Kansas City may not have won the west, but they ride a 10-game win streak into the playoffs.

6. — Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6): Hope the Steelers are sending a nice fruit basket to the Buffalo Bills.


1. — Carolina Panthers (15-1): The Panthers clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs for the first time.

2. — Arizona Cardinals (13-3): With the NFC West and a first-round bye now in hand, they did not have much to play for against Seattle, at it showed. At least they hope that's the only reason.

3. — Minnesota Vikings (11-5): They beat the rival Packers, and as a prize for wining NFC North, they draw the tougher matchup- the Seahawks in the wild-card game.

4. — Washington Redskins (9-7): The Redskins locked up the NFC East by beating the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night, and boy are they on a roll. Let's see if they can do it against playoff caliber competition.

5. — Green Bay Packers (10-6): They struggled on offense  to lose the division, dropping them to wild-card status, although they draw the easier opponent in Washington.

6.— Seattle Seahawks (10-6): Seattle, who's offense is on a serious roll,  is hoping for a repeat of an earlier drubbing of the Vikings.