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Elvis Dumervil's Tokyo Surprise, and his other Pro Bowl Week Mishaps

Elvis Dumervil retold his week of horror after finding out that he had made the 2015-6 NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Fuel for an inspired game, perhaps?

"Anyone seen my bags?"
"Anyone seen my bags?"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Dumervil was thrilled to learn that he was selected as a Pro Bowl alternate last Sunday evening.

Unfortunately, that's where the thrill ended, for a couple of days.

Dumervil suffered snow-affected travel delays, baggage lost in a different hemisphere, a small cold to boot in his first four days of Honolulu Week.

When he first found out that he was going to the NFL All-Star game to play, he zipped down to Baltimore from New York in order to pick up some needed things. Then, the single Jonas brother--winter storm Jonas--put a major halt to any plans of a straight shot redeye to redeye in order to make Hawaii. After navigating through Minneapolis and then Los Angeles, he made it to Hawaii. Ever had that sinking feeling when you're freshly off of a flight and you slowly watch all of the people who were on the same flight gleefully snatch up their bags and speedwalk off? And then the belt stops and the lone airline worker moseys out from the back room where the luggage was loaded, looking to score a quick bite after "mission accomplished"?

Apparently, Dumervil did.

When he contacted the Delta Ailrines officials, they sadly informed him that his bags were on the way to foreign soil. Tokyo, to be exact.


"I’ve never been to Japan, but the [darn] bag has!" --Elvis Dumervil

They assured him the bags would arrive the next day at noon. They arrived Thursday at 3pm local.

He also began to show a little sniffle here, a little cough there. Most likely because his vitamins were in his bags.

"You travel so much,...all the people sneezing," Dumervil said. "Today (Friday) is the best I’ve felt all week."

Ever felt like something was not meant to be?

On the other hand, maybe this will fuel an MVP performance tonight in the game from Dumervil.  He most certainly will be the most 'angry' man on that field.

When he gets his first sack, we can all smile a knowing smile. And maybe, for the first time this week, he will breathe a sigh of relief.

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