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Reuter: Ravens taking Bosa with their first pick

The NFL Draft Analyst is one of the first to mock the defensive phenom to Baltimore.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Possessing the sixth pick in the first round, the Ravens have been associated with plenty of big names, but Joey Bosa hasn't really been one of them.

Until now that is. In his latest mock draft, Draft Analyst Chad Reuter believes the Ravens will take Joey Bosa, Ohio State's insanely-talented defensive end with the sixth pick.

"Terrell Suggs is near the end and Courtney Upshaw is a free agent. Joey Bosa might not be quite as explosive as Suggs once was, but he's a damn fine player who will wreak havoc and play assignment-sure."

Reuter believes that Ronnie Stanley and Jalen Ramsey will be scooped up by San Diego and Jacksonville, respectively, leaving the Ravens with the likely choice between Bosa, Laquon Treadwell, and Vernon Hargreaves III. We haven't really seen Bosa mocked to the Ravens before, let alone making it to pick No. 6. Bosa rarely falls out of the top three in most mocks, but it's certainly possible that he could fall into the Ravens' laps. That's just what happened in last year's draft when defensive lineman Leonard Williams was surprisingly passed up by five teams.

Should the Ravens have an opportunity to grab Bosa, it'd be a hard one to say no to. Bosa is simply put, a monster. He's a defensive coordinator's dream. If you're a subscriber to the best player available theory, then Bosa is probably your pick at No. 6.

But with the Ravens woefully in need of a secondary prospect, is the trade-off worth it?

That's a question the Ravens' front office will have to answer head on in their war room.