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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Pundits Give Ravens No Chance

According to a large majority of the media, the Ravens need not even suit up for Sunday's game at Cincinnati. What do the few, the proud who picked the Ravens have to say about their take?

According to pundits, this is where the game ends for the Ravens on Sunday.
According to pundits, this is where the game ends for the Ravens on Sunday.
Charles LeClaire, USA Today Sports

They do not care about last week.

They do not care about the Cincy QB issue.

As has been the trend the last weeks, media have overwhelmingly gone against the Ravens, this time putting their eggs in the Bengal basket in their predictions for the outcome of this game.

They all say similar things, so my infographic simply compiles it all:

**From ESPN, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, Baltimore Sun,

Let's focus on the few brave souls that say the Ravens can win.  After all, we're a Ravens Fansite, right?

Jason LaCanfora from thinks the pressure will get to the Bengals.  "Really liked most of what we've seen from AJ McCarron to this point, but him being this inexperienced and now nursing an injury too, is not a good sign for the Bengals..."

Eric Allen from ESPN does not have any public comment on his choice of the Ravens, but he has been known, over the years, not to be afraid to pick the Ravens.  He picked them @Cincy in 2014.  He picked them to beat the undefeated Patriots in 2007.  He picked them to win @Pittsburgh in the 2011 Torrey Smith TD game.  Props to this future hall of famer for having guts.

Mike Golic might be wearing his rally cap to try and comeback in the ESPN picks standings, but on his Mike and Mike radio show, he sounded un-surprised by the Ravens' potential in division games like this.  "Baltimore Ravens went into that game and said we can knock the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the playoffs.  You have to find something to play for. Listen, there are plenty of guys on that team who could be playing for their jobs."

Connor Orr from might also have his rally cap on, as he is in last place in their pick-'em pool, and no public record of why he picked the Ravens can be found. Only a telling tweet tinted purple:

"Us against the World" is a theme that has worked plenty for the Ravens.  The media is generous enough to give them one last time to use this a fuel for an upset-minded fire.