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Don Martindale to stay Ravens linebacker coach; no 49ers gig

Consistency after the initial loss of Ted Monachino

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the San Francisco 49ers hiring former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil, the Ravens look to keep Don Martindale, one of the current linebacker coaches.

Word through NFL Network was in fact Chip Kelly attempting to hire Martindale for the defensive coordinator spot, but in the end Jim O'Neil was in fact the selection moving forward. Not a bad decision either way, with O'Neil having two years under his belt as DC for Cleveland, and Martindale a previous D-coordinator for the Broncos back in 2010.

Very good news for Ravens fans as Baltimore already lost one linebacker coach to the Indianapolis Colts, Ted Monachino, to their defensive co-ordinator position as well. A big continuity to help the Ravens, as they continue to lose coaches season after season to other NFL clubs.

Martindale's exclusivity was working with inside linebackers, but clearly that role will be expanded. Also in the coaching expansion will be Matt Weiss, the cornerback coach for 2015 will be assisting Martindale for the linebacker coaching role.