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Flashback Friday: Relive the Baltimore Ravens defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2000

The Baltimore Ravens defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars in a comeback victory in week 2 of the 2000 season has always been talked about but rarely seen in recent years. Want to relive those memories? Check it out here.

Doug Pensinger
Doug Pensinger
Getty Images

It's that time of the week and today we have a special flashback Friday on the Baltimore Ravens coming back from 17 points down to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first time in the team's history during the 2000 season.The Ravens at the time improved to 2-0 on the season in their route to winning Super Bowl 35.

In the case of the Ravens legendary 2000 defense, this was the one game where the unit really didn't come to play especially in the secondary. Jaguars wide receivers in Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell had a big day as they combined for over 300 yards receiving, but ultimately it was the highly criticized Ravens offense that carried the Ravens to a victory.

It was a breakthrough win as the Ravens lost to the Jaguars eight straight times prior to this meeting. You have to remember that the Jaguars were one of the best teams in the NFL at the time as they came off of an AFC Championship game appearance during the 1999 season.

Usually, you see bits and pieces of video clips from various games and players. But for now, we plan on giving you the full game.

Enjoy and click the link to watch the game below:

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens