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Super Bowl 50 Golden Team includes lone Raven

The PFHOF and their picks

Al Bello/Getty Images

Twenty seven players have been announced for the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team, including a single Raven among the group. While that does sound like an argument is brewing, I stand corrected.

The basic outline on how  players were selected,

"The Super Bowl 50 Golden Team is an amazing list of incredible individuals. Each name conjures up memories of some of the sport's greatest games showcased on its biggest platform, the Super Bowl stage. Unforgettable individual performances like Lynn Swann's acrobatic catches in Super Bowl X or Joe Montana's come-from-behind game winning drive in Super Bowl XXIII are forever etched in the collective memories of football fans and celebrated as some of the most inspiring moments in the history of the National Football League." -Pro Football Hall of Fame Executive Vice President Joe Horrigan

With that, their are only a couple Ravens who could fit the bill, and even then less whom truly earned it.

My possible nominee's:

  • Ray Lewis
  • Ed Reed
  • Jacoby Jones
  • Joe Flacco

Honest nominee's: Ray Lewis

No way Jacoby Jones passes Jerry Rice or Lynn Swann, regardless of his combined effort on the touchdown catch, or half-time kick-off. These or some of the greatest names in wide receiver history, Jacoby Jones is not among them.

Ed Reed did a good job in his lone Super Bowl, even with Ed being completely past his prime. Tying the Post-season interception record. But the competition being Ronnie Lott, and Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott of the lone undefeated team he didn't stack up. Not when compared through this spectacle set.

Joe Flacco has no chance to surpass Montana in the category, regardless of the undying infatuation we all carry for the Flacc-man.

Ray Lewis though, that man earned a spot, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame Board of Selectors made him a spot. Mr. 52 is the second inside linebacker for the Golden Team, and deserving in my mind. Two great super-bowls, and XXXV was undoubtedly won on the effort, prowess, and leadership commanded by Ray.

"Give us 10 points and the game is over. That's not boasting. If you give us 10 points, game over. you go down against our defense, you're in a whole lot of trouble. We've dominated people like that all year. And they didn't score on us." - Ray Lewis to Shannon Sharpe & Jamal Lewis before Super Bowl XXXV

Clearly the voters have this one correct. At least on the Ravens account.

Full list of selected players:


QB: Joe Montana
RB: Franco Harris, Emmitt Smith
WR: Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann
TE: Jay Novacek
OT: Art Shell, Forrest Gregg
OG: Gene Upshaw, Larry Allen
C: Mike Webster
Coach: Chuck Noll


DE: Reggie White, Charles Haley
DT/NT: Joe Greene, Randy White
CB: Mel Blount, Deion Sanders
S: Ronnie Lott, Jake Scott
OLB: Lawrence Taylor, Jack Ham
ILB: Jack Lambert, Ray Lewis


K: Adam Vinatieri
P: Ray Guy
RS: Desmond Howard