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Vote for Jacoby Jones' KR TD for the greatest Super Bowl play is having a competition to determine the best plays in Super Bowl history. It seems silly, because Jacoby Jones' 108 yard dash to daylight was pivotal, exciting, and decisive at the same time--what compares with that?

Was this not one of the most special moments in Super Bowl history?
Charm City Wire

Go with me back to Super Bowl XLVII.

Halftime is over, the Ravens are set to receive the kick.  They have a solid but still surmountable 21-6 lead.

The kickoff goes deepdeepdeep into the endzone.  Jacoby seems ready for that, and immediately starts his stride.

He does not break his stride but instead hits a crease.  You're out of your seat.

He throws a steadying stiffarm.  Afterburners kicked in.  You know that no one in the building will catch him at his fastest.

He hits the Zone, but to top it off, pulls off a beautiful homage to the Ray Lewis dance (only to be interrupted by the cameras inexplicably cutting to the sidelines, mid-slide).

28-6.  You know in your heart that your team has just theoretically won the Super Bowl.

Remember that feeling?

Does anything compare to it?  Does a 2 yard catch for a winning TD?  Does a normal, form tackle by a linebacker?

If your answer is "not just no," then go vote below right now.  A quick twitter click and you're done.  Ravens nation should rise up and win this vote.

The Baltimore Ravens are 2-0 in the Super Bowl, and in this time that the league is focused on that game like no other time in the year, Ravens should get just due and proper respects.  Any little bit helps.  So vote!!

To vote, click on the Tweet above, in the white space, if you can't see the voting buttons.  It will take you to the tweet itself which houses the voting buttons.